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Our Process


Every knife is made by hand...

Every knife here at Jesse James Culinary is made by hand.

We cut no corners and spare no detail.

Please scroll through our story of how each knife makes its way to you!


We start with a sheet of AEB-L(high grade knife stainless steel) and run the profile of each knife with our "bazillion-pounds-of-water-pressure" waterjet...



Then it's off to the surface grinder to bring it to the very precise +/- .001 tolerance needed...



Into our American-made HAAS CNC machine for the details; Thumb serrations, logo, Granton scallops and fuller...



Our kiln gets fired up and each knife individually goes through austenitizing and tempering getting them to 61 rockwell...



Like we said, made by hand. They get their final prep-for-finish through a grueling fine sanding to meet our stringent QC standards...


 Then they're brought to their respective finishes;

Engine Turned by hand, which promotes non-friction and looks classic.

Stone washed in-house that provides a raw edgy finish that will withstand the test of abuse and time.

Triple Black is our rich, sinister and stealthy Black Nitride finish. Just how we like it...




A final sharpen by Jesse and they're off to you.